• 2 XL pieces

Cotton beeswax wraps are sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap, saran wrap, plastic cling film and aluminium foil for food storage. Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables and fruits, or cover a bowl.

  • You get 2 XL-sized organic wraps: 18” x 14” (45 x 35 cm).
  • Cut your own size:
    • 2 medium 14″x9″ for sandwich, lunch, leftovers;
    • 4 small 9″x7″ for fruits and veggies, cheese & avocado, snacks and nuts.
  • Made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton non dyed & non bleached, natural bees wax, jojoba oil and tree resin.
  • Reusable for up to 12 months.
  • Seals easily with the warmths of your hands, folds and molds to the shape of food.
  • Handwash in the cold water.
  • Keep away from heat sources because the beeswax coating will melt & the food wraps will not function anymore.

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